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March 15, 2017

Dumb Ways to Die – (Re)Construction of the Campaign

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At first glance, the railway sector does not seem the most attractive scenario to work. However, this factor loses all relevance when the focus is on what we like to do, communicate.

Designated Dumb Ways to Die, the agency's campaign McCann Melbourne it has become a milestone in the history of communication. Refer to a campaign of awareness built for metro users in Australia.


Melbourne youth (Australia) often demonstrated distracting behavior on the city's metro facilities. In mid-2011, this was a cause for concern, as the rate of injuries and deaths in this context increased.


Make children and young people aware of the need to be cautious with trains.

Campaign Starting Point or THE TRUTH by McCann Melbourne

Trains travel in a straight line. If you get hit by a train, you've probably done something wrong which makes getting hit by a train one of the dumbest ways to die.


In 2012 McCann released a song (and its karaoke), with the title Dumb Ways to Die. Within 24 hours the video reached the top 10 of itunes and in 48 hours it was already in sixth place.

In order to continue the success, the agency created a lot of buzz around the subject and I continue to create content that is easy to share:

Shortly afterwards they launched the website  and a game (application for smartphones) in 22 countries. The game quickly reached 103 million downloads.

In order to innovate and not drop the project, in 2014 they launched Dumb ways to die 2 (app). In 3 months alone, 4 billion mini-games of the application were played.

Supported by a massive advertising campaign in 2015, the video Dumb Ways To Die had over 35 million views.

The agency claims that the media coverage of the campaign did not cause the initial goal to be lost, it was achieved. There was a decrease in the rate of injuries. 127 million people said they were more attentive when they are close to trains, paying attention to the topic metro security increased.

Dumb ways to Die _Say U Consulting _ March 2017

Dumb Ways To Die it is clearly an example of a successful awareness campaign. A strong, consistent and well-crafted message has allowed this success to go global. And do you want to understand how? No Movers & Shakers next week (22 March 2017) we share with you the Secret Ingredients to Social Success according to McCann Melbourne.


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