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March 16, 2017

Visual Identity as a Decisive Factor

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Nowadays, visual identity is one of the greatest communication tools. A good job of design always makes a company more attractive.

Just as our first impression of others is, most of the time, influenced by the external appearance, so it is with brands. When we open a website, we immediately create an opinion on the organization.

The brand's contribution to the market, in terms of product or service, may even be excellent, but if the company does not appear visually attractive, it immediately loses a series of interested parties and potential customers.

If done well, in addition to positively influencing the first impression, it will help to build a solid and striking image. This allows the company's competitive distinction in the market.

Finally, it highlights the importance of coherence in the valuation of the brand. O design it has to meet the premises that represent the brand. Everything should have a similar line, from the web, communication to packaging design, for example.


Visual Identity | Line of Coca-Cola:

Visual Identity _ Coca-Cola_Say U Consulting_ March 2017


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