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March 23, 2017

The other side of Social Media


In addition to the rapid dissemination of content, the social networks allow you to save time and resources. They provide us with detailed and concrete statistical data on the organization's performance, encourage a sense of community, interaction, dynamism and are the great communication trend in B2C and, increasingly, in the B2B segment.

However, as in all stories, there is the other side: social media as a means to negatively affect the organization's reputation. No company wins by spreading fake news about its business quickly and easily. This is not a new situation. Big brands have always struggled with the untrue stories about their organization by the media.

The question is: how to prevent this situation from unfolding in the new media? There is only one solution to combat it, Public Relations.


  1. Be transparent

This is the main principle of any Public Relations professional: always choose to tell the truth. This clarifies and reverts to credibility.

With an emphasis on professionals who are in charge of a great brand, if false information about your organization appears on social networks, in addition to providing clarification on these, you should also proceed with statements to the media. Work on trust and goodwill in order to end the matter.


  1. Building Relationships

In addition to our final public, it is necessary to work on relationships that play an intermediate role. These allow us to reach the target more effectively.

Since always media relations have been a public relations priority. With social networks, journalists, journalists and bloggers, and the importance of opinion makers grown up. This growing number of intermediary audiences is due, inter alia, to the facilities listed at the beginning of the article, especially the ease with which information can be disseminated.

If there is no continuous work on the respective relationships, the spread of false or negative news becomes greater.


  1. Build an online reputation

Building a company's online reputation is dependent on the strategy it has defined. However, here are some tips that help build a positive reputation: encourage honest criticism and assessment on social media; share content of interest to followers; encourage interactions, including comments; create alliances with other companies so that they share the content of your organization, generating a new audience and above all, being authentic and creative.


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