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March 29, 2017

Communicating the difference - MARIA DO ROSÁRIO MATTOS E ASSOCIADOS

The difference creates prominence. The highlight is the key to media coverage. Mediatism means increasing visibility. More visibility indicates an increase in business volume. We all agree, right?

The problem lies in how we create the difference. If the primary objective goes to the background it is possible to put the whole process in question.
Remember the case “Maria do Rosário Mattos and Associates”? This is one of the examples at national level that best exemplifies this situation.

Communicating in the legal sector does not grant the same freedom as creating a communication campaign for the sports sector, for example. The degree of formality differs and so does openness to what is new. Each step has to be well designed and thought out and rethought.

The lawyers' self-promotion was bold and quickly became the target of criticism. Public opinion took over the case.

The law firm was mentioned by social media such as TVI, SOL, Saturdays, RFM, Público, Jornal i or Meios e Publicidade. They managed to get the President of the Lisbon District Council of the Bar Association (Vasco Marques Correia), the President of the Lisbon Deontology Council of the Bar Association (Rui Santos), the President of the Bar Association (Elina Fraga) and the President of the Bar Association Bar Association (Marinho Pinto) were among the most wanted people in order to express an opinion on the case. They were also the national theme in vogue on social networks.

Where does the big problem lie?

The problem lies in the way the message is transmitted, the visual load of the video overlaps the audio. The audacious dress, the big plans and mainly slow motion make sure that what is being said is not really heard. In other words, the qualities and achievements of the organization take a back seat. Try watching the video without audio.

The lack of cohesion between messages is notable, and the difference was not the best strategy for communicating what was intended. It is the difference, in terms of methods and techniques that allows to achieve results. They did not take into account all the details and missed the most important thing: communication should create prominence, but a prominence adapted to the one who is the target of the organization. Adding value is essential. E Communicating the excellent image of each lawyer is not a good way to achieve this goal.

Therefore, it is a reality that the organization has achieved media coverage, the question is: does the reputation that the company has gained reflect the image that a law firm wants? Was it beneficial in terms of business objectives?

As a matter of copyright rights, the video was denounced by Maria do Rosário Mattos e Associados and banned from youtube. Anyway, the frog keeps the same online: http://videos.sapo.pt/1jc4OtGySSctLIgi9WiQ?ap=from_auto.


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