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March 30, 2017

8 things successful people don't do

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Success is a step away. Work and investment are essential, but they are not everything. It is necessary to change some attitudes if you want to be a leader. Do you want to understand how? THE Say U Consulting shares with you 8 things that successful people or people with a high ability to manage emotions in order to achieve goals avoid:


Discard blame

They are proactive and take blame, they recognize that making external excuses is not a viable solution, they are just losing power.


Always answer yes

Bradberry, an expert in the field of emotional intelligence, says that people who have difficulty saying not have a greater tendency to feel stress. Saying it can't be a big challenge. According to the expert, successful people are usually direct and clear, avoiding wasting time.

Resisting change

They manage to overcome ego issues, realize that change is inevitable and that constant adaptation is the best solution to grow or grow your business.

Don't ask questions

Asking does not offend and successful people take it into account. Evolution is dependent on knowledge and if it is to exist, it is necessary to clarify any doubts it may have in order to advance.

Prioritize perfection

Fixing a problem creates a blurring of the rest of the range of occurrences. In addition to this it is a magnet of stress and negativity harming the person's performance.

Emotionally intelligent people do the reverse: they don't focus on the problem, they never put too much concern on it, because the focus is on solutions.


Forgiveness happens quickly, but it is only a tool to avoid the continuity of the subject and the said brood.

Since forgiving does not mean forgetting, successful people do not open up to being in the same position again. They block any chance of it happening again.

Holding a Grudge

Grudge is a synonym for stress. Not forgetting allows you to learn and avoid similar future situations. On the other hand, holding a grudge is already creating a need to hold negative feelings towards others that will affect you negatively in your choices.

Avoiding grudge is a priority for successful personalities so start getting rid of it now. Even in terms of health, you will feel differences.

To give up

The specialist Bradberry reinforces that people with emotional intelligence are constantly exposed to difficulties, but that they manage to remain firm in the face of them. The issue is the defense of their territory so that they can “live” the next day. That is, although the goals may be long-term, the struggle of any one of us or business is daily. Conflict serves as a way to grow and learn wisely.

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