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Apr 11, 2017


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Performance evaluations can be misinterpreted by employees. It was in this sense that the article 4PRGeeks from last Tuesday focused on clarifying what this tool is and what it is actually used for.

They are essential for the growth of any company and the Say u Consulting helps you to be successful:

# 1 Get ready!

Having confidence is half the way for your assessment to be successful. In turn, confidence comes from preparation, so don't neglect this step. Learn to explain and substantiate your performance. Present facts that allow you to prove the results and if you are asked for a reference to understand how your relationship with colleagues is, say that they are all indicated, and that you maintain a good relationship with everyone (but of course, say it only if it is true. ).


# 2 Show Interest

If you know what the goals you want to achieve, work to achieve them. Respond with satisfaction to the questions exposed to you and show interest in possible workshops or formations. Show that you identify with the company and function, that you want to develop capabilities and go further.

# 3 Don't be afraid, make a stand

If you feel that something is going less well, share it. Being true does not mean being inconvenient, do it constructively. On the other hand, if you have ideas that can contribute to the growth of the company, this is your opportunity to share them. Do not feel inhibited, this type of contribution is always well received, it gives you the possibility to stand out and develop your connection with the organization.

# 4 Facts, facts, facts

Don't forget, even if the atmosphere is relaxed and the conversation flows, performance reviews are a conversation about results and business. Replace emotional reactions to feedback with the presentation of facts, these are your most powerful weapon to make your boss realize the real value that he adds to the organization.

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