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Apr 12, 2017


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A Fidelity is among the most prominent companies in terms of internal communication. The effort imposed in terms of creating a strong and cohesive organizational dynamic is reflected in the motivation of employees and consequently in the results.

People are the key to change - it is the sharing of this policy that allows the more than 3 thousand people who work in the group to register a level of engagement higher than the sector's European average. This is one of the causes or one of the major influences for the title of leader in the national insurance market.

Pro-activity apologist - “Communicate, communicate, communicate, always, in any context”, Ana Fontoura, is the director of Communication and Image at the Segurador Fidelidade Group. In 2014 she won the APCE Communicator of the Year award, due to the work she started to develop in 2007, one of the most prominent social responsibility programs at the national level.

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The Social Responsibility program - People With Ideas

The social responsibility program is the secret ingredient. In fact, the way the social responsibility program is run is the secret.

People with Ideas it is transversal to all the companies of the group and has as its motto, employees and the community. The strategy followed involves not only a large amount of time, but also resources, but the truth is that, according to Ana Fontoura, the effort is reflected in results that prove the company's commitment to society.

During a satisfaction survey in which employees claimed to want to have a more active voice, Ana Fontoura started, together with Leave the House, to idealize a new project for the insurer, ensuring to solve this problem.

Focusing on a new direction, People with ideas, an internal communication program also turned to the outside. Compliments started to emerge: innovative, creative and dynamic are the most used characteristics to describe it. Ana Fontoura adds what she considers to be the most important fact, the actions developed reflect the nature and essence of the company's activity - We are an insurance company, we deal with difficult situations on a daily basis and, therefore, we are sensitive to the issue of solidarity.

According to the director of communication, The employee is the most important element of a company and being satisfied produces better. Although we focus internally we always try to make a bridge with the outside. Through the website, initiatives are communicated that allow not only raising awareness among employees, but also the population in general. The objective is to involve, facilitate and complete.

Highlight partnerships with organizations such as the institution of social solidarity MEETING or the Red Nose operation. Several employees became volunteers for solidary causes through fidelity.

Regarding the most innovative aspect, the project stands out Copy Paste. Intends to share ideas that facilitate the day-to-day. According to Ana, “Ideas abound. We launch new initiatives every month because thinking about them is the easiest part of this job. The difficult thing is to be able to do everything we want".

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