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Apr 18, 2017

Communication and Human Resources | Synonyms?

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Company communication = Human Resources?

They are not synonymous. Both the Communication department and the Department of Human Resources System they are essential to an organization. However, what often happens is that companies think about Communication in an extremely reductive way and consider that this is a function of Human Resources.

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Communication and Human Resources are different functions, but the truth is that they always go hand in hand.

Integrated communication in the management of human resources is essential. In fact, an integrated communication in the management of any department of an organization is essential. Having a good internal communication policy is as important as establishing relationships with external entities or enhancing the organization's visibility. Either option is directly related to the ultimate goal: success.

The human resources professional is trained to manage people and deal with processes related to the management of the company's staff. It is responsible for managing career plans, salary policies, hiring, plans and recruitment strategies and ensuring the smooth integration of employees in the organization.

Communication is thus one of the most important tools for developing the role of human resources. However, this is more than a tool for each department, it is the secret weapon of any organization.

Communication has the ability to guarantee employee satisfaction, develop and retain customers. This presents an enormous strategic relevance, it is the bridge for any transformation in the organizational culture.

The profile of professionals in both departments is similar. Among the most sought after characteristics are strong communication skills and the ability to work as a team.

Any of the departments (Communication or Human Resources) is essential in a (large) company. Do not underestimate the departments responsible for a large percentage of your organization's success, but instead focus on enhancing them. In this way, you will be able to generate the expected results and obtain a rate of return much higher than that you have had so far. Opportunities are built.

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