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Apr 19, 2017

Solidarity Wages

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Seresco - Social Commitment

A seresco, a leading company in the Iberian Peninsula in wage processing services and which extends its offer to consultancy, development and integration of solutions, technological outsourcing and infrastructure management, reinforces its social commitment. Donates 60 cents to a national NGO, for each new employee hired by its customers.

Having as main corporate values, the vocation for service, the commitment to results and the management of infrastructures, this is an action that meets all these points. Developed in terms of the company's social responsibility, it allows not only to project the visibility of the organization, but also to affirm its positioning or work on the involvement of employees and the commitment of client companies.

Social Responsibility Strategy

The activation of the initiative in Portugal is still being considered and worked on, in order to gain a consistent structure. The designation is Solidary Salaries and works through partnerships. It is expected that this will start later this year, with the aim of helping national non-governmental organizations of a social nature.
The commitment or the strategy implies the donation of 60 cents for each new employee of the client companies. As well as, Seresco's full responsibility for wage processing.
Implemented in Spain since 2014, the action has been successful. In this first year, the total donation corresponded to 2.531,40 euros. The number of integrated salary processing was 4219 employees. In 2015, these numbers increased. The number of integrated employees rose to 4712, corresponding to a donation of 2.827,20 euros.

In Portugal,

it is estimated that the numbers are lower, however, Rita Mourinha, Director of Sales at Seresco Portugal, says that this is an Iberian initiative and Portugal is on the right track to mark its place. Despite being a symbolic act, it is possible to make a difference. It also adds that this association between the donation of donations by each employee integrated by the customer network is also a way of extolling them for the positive results that allowed them to grow throughout the year.


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