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Apr 20, 2017

Harmony: How to get it in the workplace?


The environment is one of the main influencers of organizational dynamics. When there is no environment in which to enjoy working, productivity is automatically compromised. THE Say U Consulting shares with you the secrets to a favorable and growth environment:


# 1 Space

Observe the physical space in which your employees work. Realize how you can transform it into a space with resources and a pleasant place to be every day. The decor says a lot about a company, have you ever thought of creating a more clean?

# 2 Motivate

The first step has to be yours. Create an environment of sharing and ambition. If you want growth, make it clear that competence generates results. There is always a reward for each result.

# 3 Incite the relationship

Communication is the basis of any process. It is necessary to create a relationship, share and interact. Without communication there is no success. Encourage group work and create dynamics that allow employees to be more at ease. This type of involvement is directly reflected in productivity and, consequently, in results.

# 4 Bet on Recognition

A large percentage of motivation is also due to the level of recognition that the employee feels. Recognition and motivation go hand in hand. Moral motivation is as important as economic motivation and if there is none, it is difficult to retain the employee. He needs to realize that he supports him and that he is effectively doing a good job. Bet on this path and you will feel that the good mood in your office is increasing exponentially.

# 5 Create real goals

Pressure is an archaic strategy. Set ambitious but real goals. This point requires a great and effective capacity to manage, but as soon as you do, you will feel the change. This is an essential means of motivation. If ambitious but possible goals are established, when the employee reaches them, it gains brilliance. Your motivation increases on a large scale because you are feeling that you can do it and that it is an essential part for the company.


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