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Apr 27, 2017

Internal Communication: how to get results?


A good internal communication policy is essential for good organizational dynamics. It is important to foster relationships between employees. THE trust and sharing they are two fundamental pillars for good professional performance, these in turn are also influenced by the work environment.

Internal communication is strategic and aims to keep employees safe and motivated. It involves fostering relationships, communicating information in an objective and organized manner, transmitting trust and credibility. The resources range from the creation of an intranet page, to an internal magazine or even the organization of dinners and days of activities, everything depends on the type of company and its objectives.

Internal Communication: how to get results?

An internal communication policy means awareness and appreciation of employees. THE Say U Consulting shares some tips with you so that you can create an effective internal communication plan that generates results:

- Create effective information dissemination mechanisms, employees must not only always be informed, but also be the first to be informed about the guidelines and changes in the company's organizational structure;

- Develop actions that influence employees to want to achieve goals;

- Promote the interaction between departments and opportunities for personal and professional growth;

- Adapt your speech, use it strategically. It is relevant to be able to maintain the balance between the formal and informal tone, which is clear, objective and transparent;

- When an employee fulfills goals or is making an effort to achieve them, recognize him.




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