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Apr 28, 2017



Being an entrepreneur means having an eye for the business and always being able to follow the best strategy. In this process, creativity is a fundamental part. In this section of Success Steps we will let you know what it is and how to overcome a mental block.

Mental Block: What is it?

Mental blocks can happen at the level of emotions or thinking itself. Entrepreneurs often have them at the level of thinking. This consists of resistance on the part of our brain that does not allow us to think coherently or creatively. There is no organization of thoughts or capacity for productivity.


How to end mental blocks?

Change your perspective. Refer to creativity techniques if necessary.

Step 1: Stop

Stopping is often the solution to a number of problems. We were all so busy and distracted that we let ourselves be consumed, so stop. We know that stress is already part of your routine and you can't live without it, but for your sake put it on pause. The goal is to relax and do something different, giving your brain a break and changing the thread of thought.

2nd Step: Write your ideas

Nothing is unreasonable. Write everything that comes to mind, in the genesis of the most absurd idea that you think you are writing you can find the ideal concept. The more you focus on the ramifications of a written idea, the more ideas come to you and the closer you get to breaking the block and breaking free.

3rd Step: Suggestions

This is the last step and may even be optional. That is, if writing and branching out your ideas is not working and you feel that you are still struggling to give wings to your creativity, try asking a colleague for suggestions. Taking into account different perspectives may be the solution to see other ways of dealing with the problem. You can even get your team together and organize a short brainstorming. Get out of your comfort zone.

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