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Apr 28, 2017


4 prgeeks

Want to start a business but lack ideas? There are several techniques you can use to unleash your creativity.

The techniques to be mentioned force you to leave the comfort zone, allowing you to explore your creativity, your most innovative and dynamic side. Among the best and most practical techniques of creativity is:


everything that is said is considered as an idea, and there is no place for judgment. After all the ideas that came to the minds of the participants at that moment are written, then the process of elimination begins until the concept considered ideal is reached.

Association of ideas

combination of objects, words and concepts that sometimes do not even make sense together in order to create something new, for example.


alteration of certain habit (s), passing the objective to see the world in another way. This technique can contemplate simple things, for example, changing the route from home to work or starting to use the bicycle to go to the workplace.

Compare Metaphorically

in the first phase, you must focus on the problem, so that it is clear to you and later you must articulate (through thought or writing) words, objects, expressions, something that have similarities with the actual problem despite representing something totally disconnected from it.

Reverse hypotheses

It is based on the inversion of the most basic ideas with the aim of developing them and making them reborn as new and innovative ideas. The problem is the same only changes the solution.

Get inspired with the help of this one in this video:


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