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As soon as we open the website, the spirit of adventure, freedom and, at the same time, the welcoming spirit that characterizes the family is clear (just as they identify very well) Indie Campers.


Who are?

“We live to explore, to get lost and to discover. We do it through stories, rebellion and the magic of the unknown. ”

Whether discovering hidden beaches, venturing into the heart of the forests or on the paved paths of new and charming cities, they will find us outside. In the street. Outdoors. Children of the sun, yearning for the sea, we continue with dirty feet and the sunlight reflected on the face. Nature is our home. Hair with salt, warm smiles and freckles from the sun, we will be on the street making friends, connecting and joining the wild souls scattered around, as if they were family. Playing guitar around the fire and watching the stars until dawn, saying goodbye to the moon. We are free.

And thou?"

Exactly, they are freedom in the shape of a van. They are also quite enterprising and managed to move, in 4 years, from 3 motorhomes to a fleet with more than 350 vehicles.


The path and growth of Indie Campers:

Conceived by two friends, a Portuguese and an Austrian, the idea of ​​building a small motorhome rental service came about in 2013. Currently, in 2017, they are the largest motorhome rental company in Europe, operating in more than 70 locations (from Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands, France, Corsica, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Sicily and Sardinia).

Considered a startup, Indie Campers has a mission to provide freedom of movement through an inspiring process and connecting travelers around the world. They maintain the original objective of restoring authenticity and adding a new dimension of adventure through a service of excellence and memorable experience.


X Factor (s)

The company's differentiating factor, in addition to the good communication practiced, is found in terms of supply. Renting an Indie Campers motorhome allows the start of the trip, for example, in Portugal and its end in Belgium. In other words, as long as the vehicle is delivered to a point of presence of the company, everything is ok, there is no problem of not delivering it exactly in the same country where you rented it.

The startup also has an extras rental system that allows you to customize your trip and also allows you to never miss anything. Extras range from WiFi, GPS, tables and chairs, barbecues, surfboards, bicycles or even kayaks.

Finally, it is also relevant to highlight the attention to the customer, with a commercial team that gives tips and shares which are the special places to visit and the right advice to make the most of your trip.



Rua Sampaio e Pina n.º 58, 2nd D
1070 - 250 Lisbon

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