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July 5, 2017

Boyden points out companies' lack of preparation for Digital

Boyden points out companies' lack of preparation for Digital

The study carried out by Boyden shows a lack of preparation by the heads of organizations to implement business strategies in a digital environment. The challenges brought by the new context are not yet the target of a structured response, with less than half of the respondents revealing that they feel this concern through the strategies available in the Organizations.


Lisbon, 5 July 2017 - The Executive Monitor study "The Digital-Savvy C-Suite and Boardroom ”, developed by Boyden Global Executive Search, points out the risk that managers who do not follow the current digital innovation may condemn their organizations to lose competitiveness. The report examines the most urgent challenges that management and Boards in non-technological sectors face as they try to understand a changing digital environment, based on a questionnaire carried out with 1.200 professionals in the North American market and also from the opinion of experts. and leaders.

Among the main conclusions identified is the belief among the majority of respondents (53%) that senior management or leadership in their Organization is not prepared to implement a successful digital strategy. Less than half (48%) indicate that their Organization is placing some kind of emphasis on training in digital tools and processes.

Investment in processes in the digital context may not be a priority for some organizations, especially if they face challenges of viability or consolidation, as it is not a strategy that promises return results in the short term. But the trend in the face of new opportunities ahead is unavoidable and expectations are open only to those who understand the promised course.

Luis MeloFor Luís Melo, Partner of Boyden Portugal responsible for the Technology sector, “It is expected an evolution of many Industries that will be conditioned by what the possibilities of Digital allow. This will totally change the business context and create new paradigms, which can cause a significant change in the surrounding context, namely in markets without major barriers to entry. In practice, this means growing the role of CDO / CTO / CIO to levels of importance never before achieved. Instead of the past and still in many Organizations in the present times, where these Executives are so much better the better their areas were able to support the needs of the business, in the future they are the ones who will determine in many Industries the evolution of the business and that will tell the rest of the Board how it will develop due to the foreseeable evolution of Technology in the world ”. In the current scenario of business continuation, the responsible points to concrete examples that are already beginning, and that in the future will have even more impact, affecting the activity at the Organizational and Social level, an example of “Reduction of headcount in companies expected with automation, the use of artificial intelligence and the robotization of various functional areas, in parallel with new questions, with answers yet to be defined, related to the reaction of public opinion, social responsibility in companies, union intervention, social security and tax issues related to the use of machines / robots instead of people ”.


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