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Set 26, 2017

How Public Relations and Sales come together

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The Public Relations activity in Portugal emerged around the 50s, sponsored mainly by multinational companies.

Always associated with a marketing aspect that appears as a bridge of dialogue between the various audiences and that through various means transmits the good image of an organization.

For Ivy Lee, known as the father of PR, public relations is a communication technique, which aims to create a favorable climate of mutual understanding between an organization and its audiences, where one of the main focuses of its performance is through promotion of the institution's image with its target (intended audience).

But how do Public Relations and sales within a company relate? Where do they find a common path?

This question can be answered, if we realize that currently, "selling" is much more than creating profit: it is also establishing relationships, market orientation and maintaining the focus on the customer.

We can see this with the example of the impact that a relevant and well-planned event can have on the life of an organization and on its commercial activity. An appropriate and creative communication tone conveys intangible values ​​and attributes, such as the brand image, the corporate culture and the organization's positioning.

Public Relations and everything they involve, undoubtedly play a fundamental role in achieving the company's commercial objectives and are the best way to reach all audiences and stakeholders, according to the level of involvement and expectations they have towards the organization.

Here is a summary of some of the advantages of using public relations to achieve an organization's business goals:

  1. Create and increase product awareness;
  2. They explain the product's characteristics to the internal and external audiences;
  3. Stimulate the appetite for shopping;
  4. They transmit and consolidate a trustworthy capital to the public;
  5. Inform and motivate employees for sales;
  6. Build image and generate goodwill;
  7. Promote the brand.

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