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December 28, 2017

3 rules on how to use Twitter to market your product

how to use twitterRules on how to use the Twitter to market your product

Social networks are a vital tool for running a business these days.

Companies that avoid networks like Twitter risk drastically falling behind in competition. There are right and wrong ways to use Twitter, not all tweets will have the same impact.

Here are some basic rules for organizations that plan to use Twitter:

  1. Tweet frequently.

Anyone new to Twitter may find that tweeting the same content over and over again is unpleasant. However, if a certain person on average follows a couple of hundred accounts, how often do they see a specific tweet from a specific account when browsing? It happens very rarely.

  1. Use relevant hashtags.

It is important to make each tweet as useful as possible, using relevant hashtags. Each field or content area has related tags and many large companies as well. When adding tags to a tweet, anyone who searches for that term or tag will see that tweet, not just its followers. This increases coverage with a minimum of extra effort.

  1. Follow your followers.

For growing companies and new accounts, Twitter is a great place to grow next. The easiest way to do this at the beginning is to follow many people who are active. With many people following you back, your reach increases. If they don't follow you back, it's easy to ignore and try again with someone else.


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