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Feb 2, 2018

#SuccessSteps | Find out what consumers value in a product


According to Nielsen's international report "Global Survey Premiumization", it is known that 33% of the Portuguese have improved their financial situation in the last 5 years.

This leads us to conclude that, consequently, their purchasing power has increased and that they increasingly value specific characteristics in a product.

The quality, comprehensive offer range and the fact that a given product provides a good experience.

Consumers increasingly value the benefits that the product provides them, and the solutions that they can benefit from purchasing a particular product.

And when we talk about product, the first question that crosses our consumers' minds is: Does this product satisfy my needs?

When we refer to a “brand” (not a product), what do consumers value most?

If we focus on another recent Nielsen study, we also find that consumers increasingly value attitude and the behavior of a brand.

A diversity of offer, and the concern with the sustainability process they are steps towards the success of an organization or brand, regardless of the sector in which it operates. With regard to sustainability, it is important to seek to promote and respect good social responsibility policies.

Therefore, the reputation that is created by the “footprint” of your brand's attitudes and behaviors is relevant and determinant for your business and your brand.

Remember: consumers are willing to pay more for brands committed to diversity and sustainability.



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