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Feb 27, 2018

Farfetch Portugal: Innovative Companies

Farfetch Portugal: Innovative Companies

innovative companies

Farfetch is a platform that positions itself between luxury brands and customers. With technology - luxury - made in Portugal.

Created by the Portuguese José Neves, the Farfetch is a platform for luxury goods. It currently has partnerships with more than 700 boutiques and luxury brands from around the world.

Farfetch is distinguished by innovation. As with all the most successful companies in the world, innovation is a way to “revolutionize the luxury fashion industry. This company is valued at more than one billion dollars, and is dedicated to trade online of luxury fashion items.

Farfetch's revenues grew 74% in 2016 and last year, the company's shares appreciated by 148%.

Recently, Farfetch sparked the interest of an international fashion giant: Channel. Chanel thus invested in José Neves' company, through a partnership.

Speaking to Reuters, the president of Chanel in the fashion area, revealed that the objective of this partnership will be to enrich the relationship with customers of both brands.

Burberry also recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with José Neves' company, which reveals a strategy that proposes solutions to customers who go through a greater digitalization of stores - facing the digital transformation that is notable in all sectors.

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