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Feb 27, 2018

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Organizations

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Organizations

the future of artificial intelligence

Technological investment in an organization or company brings many benefits.

Companies have been investing in digital transformation, essentially to be able to obtain more information about their customers and consumers. In this way they are able to adapt their content, products and services to increase revenue and review customer journeys.

According to the most recent report by Accenture, 2018 is the year when “Artificial Intelligence will become the digital spokesperson for companies ”.

In this same study, it is expected that labor productivity will be boosted by up to 40 percent and that it will allow workers to be more efficient in their working time, making the most of resources.

Naturally, and almost unconsciously, we are still very "remote" as individuals when it comes to virtual assistants, made available by our mobile devices - such as smartphones or laptops.

But despite this distance, there are more and more possibilities through Mobile Applications and equipment features to be “assisted” in our day-to-day tasks with the greatest possible speed, mobility and ease.

As companies, the possibilities are even more comprehensive and innovative. We can make the most of our time and resources through innovative tools that improve every day.

Organizations clearly and increasingly need their employees to use state-of-the-art equipment.

It is in this sense that the market launches innovations in smartphones, personal computing and in the automotive area almost daily.

We can also conclude that as a result of this constant innovation and updating, organizations will be increasingly required to adapt and modernize us in order to include Artificial Intelligence technology in their daily work.

Only then will it be possible to guarantee a more agile and interactive service.

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