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Feb 27, 2018

Communication Trends to Apply

Communication Trends to Apply

Communication Trends to Apply

With the constant transformation of consumer behavior, we highlight some Marketing trends for 2018.

The year 2017 brought good communication opportunities for small companies that knew how to boost their digital marketing industry. Regardless of the size of the business and the organization, it is essential to work on Communication. It is necessary to know your consumers.

  •  Mobile communication

According to the We Are Social 2017 survey, smartphones are already at the top of the list of most used search devices on the web. About 51,4% people use smartphones and prefer them to the traditional computer. After these data, it is easy to see that your organization's website must be adaptable to a smartphone since it is very likely that it will be viewed more from these devices.

  • Videos and streaming

Video consumption has grown by around 90% in the last year, with YouTube being the preferred channel for 42% of the world's population. More and more consumers are looking for videos and live streams.

Consumers look for the "face" or "faces" of the company and try to identify with it. Thus, it is increasingly important to prioritize content with video and image. Start with short but useful videos, for example, with good sound and image quality - and this will help your strategy and your organic reach.

  • Search Engine Optimization

According to statistical data, at least 66% of current companies already invest in information technology Search Engine Optimization to enhance your content and business.

In summary, this tool consists of a set of structural and content techniques that can make your website more relevant and position it higher in search engines. Consequently, it attracts more visitors to your pages and optimizes your content.

Some of the techniques that can be used through SEO are:
  • Tags
  • Titles in the body text (h1, h2, h3)
  • Link Building
  • Keyword usage
  • URL
  • Consistent content production
  • Promotion of content on social networks
The digital world is increasingly demanding and organizations that wanted to enhance their communication should seek to comply with a well-defined digital strategy, and these trends are essential to be able to improve their content.



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