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March 14, 2018

The emotional connection to the Coca-Cola brand

Coca-Cola - An emotional connection to the brand


The Coca-Cola company is a good example of the application of Content Marketing. When we talk about the Christmas theme, the well-known Santa Claus who associates himself with the most famous soft drink in the world comes to mind.

This is one of the real facts that involves the continuity of the link between the brand and its consumer, and the campaign continues today to be a success.

It is this type of experience that the customer expects from brands, something built within the organization that over time has gone from paper to reality and that establishes an emotional connection. A link was created with the public, that is, the brand managed to make an activation due to having introduced an element that was introduced in the personal lives of people and their perception of this time.

With the content it can be said that it is the same result, because in a world where brands tend to communicate directly with the consumer, Coca-Cola has managed to innovate and bet on the creativity of the content. This led to extreme changes that led to the end of the institutional website and a sharp reduction in press releases.

Coca-Cola bet on storytelling and it is currently considered a benchmark for success in this area. The company bet on sharing experiences and stories built by the brand, risking the creation of a digital newsroom with the launch of the Coca-Cola Journey website and agreed to diversify its presence on social networks. Not only did it create an improvement in the relationship with customers, it also influenced the way of working within the organization. With this, the basis of the brand idea is the creation of attractive stories that are published immediately, this can be called “liquid content”. The company then wants to amaze the consumer by transmitting a message that appeals to all the consumer's senses, in order to create value and meaning for the target audience.

The relationship with the customer is part of Coca-Cola's mission and values; nothing better than creating personalized content that captivates people and turns them into loyal customers.


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