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March 14, 2018

Understand integrated marketing communication

Integrated Marketing Communication

integrated marketing communication

Currently, integrated communication works in harmony with several aspects, one of which is the image that we want to transmit and its relevance. Therefore, you must take into account some fundamental aspects:

  • Business Communication Plan,
  • Visual identity,
  • Relevant content,
  • Objective / consistent information,
  • Similar communication.

When communicating through contents, all of these topics work better if they are worked together, because bringing them all together is more efficient than focusing on one. That is, the business plan must be in tune, all elements must be interconnected, in order to achieve an effective result. When we create information it must meet the visual identity of the entire structure, everything must follow the same path in order to reach the same end. If the visual identity conveys an idea and the content you share on the company's website reflects another, it can sometimes lead to insecurity on the part of the public and reveal a weak structural link.

The message to be transmitted must be objective, with a single ideal, that is, the same in all communication channels that the company uses. That is, any type of content that the company produces, as well as direct marketing strategies, advertising, communication on social networks and press relations need to communicate in the same way.

Thus, the role of integrated marketing communication can be considered as a competitive advantage in terms of reinforcing the positioning strategy that is intended to be applied, as well as resulting in less overlapping of tasks and unnecessary expenditure of resources.

The constant presence in the minds of consumers is something that organizations must take into account, promoting the introduction of consistent and continuous messages that aim to increase the value created by customers, consistent with the branding strategy then.


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