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March 14, 2018

Attractive and relevant content

Attractive and relevant content

Attractive and relevant content

Before defining what type of content the company should develop, a choice must first be made based on the definition of the networks to be used and based on the strategy, metrics and objectives imposed by the organization.

Currently, companies no longer question whether or not they should have social networks, but how to make these platforms better than their competition.

It is not new that attractive and relevant content can obtain better results than mere optional information. This is one of best paths to achieve a wider reach and success in terms of interaction.

However, at the time of posting, not everyone will see the message. To circumvent this situation, social networks include a set of tools that offer the possibility for the company to segment the target to be reached according to the stipulated strategy.

These are related to the affinity of the content, level of interaction, time of publication, diversity of content and the respective quality of the themes.

According to the book, “360 Social Networks”, By author Vasco Marques, a large part of the content produced should not only be of a commercial nature, but should be of the readers' full interest. This will increase and increase the desired reach, in order to capture the attention of the followers, even when publishing content oriented to the brand offer.

In order to achieve a good content strategy, one must pay attention to the context of the public and try to satisfy their needs in order to reach a consensus of objectives. It is essential to know the public well and for that you can use statistical tools provided by the social media platforms themselves. Do not be just a superficial presence, take advantage of all the resources provided.


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