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March 14, 2018

Guaraná Antártica: A dynamic social media strategy

Guaraná Antártica - A dynamic social media strategy

Guarana Antarctica

Guaraná Antártica is a renowned soft drink brand with a relevant position in social networks, where it assumed the objective of creating a link of proximity with the public-bowel wanted.

This strategy is a way for the company to adapt to changes in society and technology, in the face of a younger target, who in turn are the ones who spend the most time on social networks and look for dynamic content with a sense of humor.

The company stands out in its interaction with consumers through daily and properly calculated publications, created in an intelligent, fun way that generates thousands of shares. THE elaboration of contents it involves retaining everything that your audience wants and needs to see, hence its objectivity, sense of humor and innovation.

The brand launched a humorous post, deciding to mock the launch on the market of the new creation Fanta Guaraná, a rival product of the Coca-Cola company. This type of content had a very positive attractiveness and above expectations.

The brand used a means to an end, taking advantage of the existing rivalry between brands to create a special attention on the part of its consumers and fans to be aware that “Guarana only exists one” and affirm its original character.


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