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March 14, 2018

Advertising VS Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Currently, there are several debates between fans of advertising and fans of inbound marketing on the effectiveness of each of these strategies. Advertisements allow companies to make products and services visible to thousands of people at a low cost, without having to resort to other resources.

However, inbound marketing argues that the creation of relevant content for those who follow the brand is an interesting and captivating aspect that leads the company to become an authority in its market niche.

There are several organizations that have invested in the production of content with text (articles and tutorials) and videos (classes, webinars, lectures) and that have made them specialists in content marketing, without having in any way publicized this professional characteristic.

Nowadays, brands such as McDonald's and Redbull have adopted fundamental content strategies due to the creation of contacts and interest enhanced by them.

The "content marketing”Today, it essentially passes through social networks, search engines and the internet. In Portugal, companies are only now opening doors to this reality, betting on a new instrument of communication, attraction and loyalty of their consumers.

This tool is important due to the perception it creates with its audience. Content marketing is created based on an objective and, depending on that initial target, the company will have to adapt its speech and the type of content it intends to create using the strategy below.


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