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March 14, 2018

Jason Miller: The reach beyond the professional context

Jason Miller - The reach beyond the professional context




Personalized content can lead companies to reach unprecedented levels of overcoming, which in turn can open the door to other projects. The continuity of the introduction of information by the company depends a lot on the motivation of the client, that is, if the organization is able to establish a connection with your audience a connection and a sense of continuity are easily built.

Jason Miller is recognized for his role as content marketing in the social media reference, LinkedIn, but it is his photography project that is attracting the public's attention.

This one has photographed artists and bands, including Patti Smith and the Smashing Pumpkins. After each concert, share all the moments through photographs with your target audience. This connection that Jason Miller creates with his followers is something extraordinary due to the construction of a cult of followers.

Thus, the focus of the content is based on music, particularly Rock and Roll, standing out from its professional environment.

By creating this point of contact outside the business context, Jason Miller leads his followers to connect through platforms, in a logic of increased visibility and reach.


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