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March 14, 2018

A storytelling strategy

A Storytelling Strategy

A storytelling strategy

Storytelling is now part of the day to day brands, passing through the ability to transmit thoughts, ideas and facts through a fluid, relevant and cohesive narrative.

In other words, it is everything that involves knowing how to tell a story, integrating bet and development in the capacity to transmit a story that can constitute a strong link between the organization and its audience. The passing of information through this medium leads the brands to express ideas, ambitions, events and opinions in an attractive way, making the connection with the customer closer.

The thinking of companies when they are telling stories should not be in the commercialization of the offer, but rather in the search for the promotion of a relationship with the public and in the sharing of the experiences of the same. Nothing better to captivate someone than an experience told by someone or an entity capable of transmitting confidence or feedback provided by other consumers who have already purchased the product or service or who have experienced situations with the brand.

There are no specific metrics for the construction of storytelling, as this is classified through the effect created on people. Before any organization tell a story you must know what you want to convey, to whom you want to address, why you want to tell that story, where you want to get the message across, when you’re going to get it across, and how you want to talk.

These questions are essential for brands to know exactly what they want to remove from using a storytelling strategy.


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