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Apr 30, 2018

The difference between marketing, advertising, public relations and journalism

It is in communication that four major business areas reside: marketing, public relations, advertising, and journalism.

The need to think about strategy for the exposure of brands more effectively made marketing appear as a tool for understanding the market to attack target audiences in a coherent way.

Marketing studies the causes and mechanisms that govern exchange relationships (goods, services or ideas) and intends that the result of a relationship is a satisfactory sale to all parties that participate in the process. With the expansion of the use of the internet and the media coverage of social networks, marketing is now moving towards even greater business intelligence work, as it is possible to understand customer behavior and acquisition habits through the analysis of cross-referencing data. several sources.

Advertising is neither impartial nor informative, it is a professional activity dedicated to the public dissemination of ideas associated with companies, products or services. This means of communication serves to build images and opinions, and mainly uses emotion to reach the public or the repetition of words to instill an idea. Advertising is the product of a strategy, it is essential for marketing to make a brand known.

Public Relations is the practice of managing the exchange of information between an individual, an organization, or the public. The objective of this professional is to persuade potential customers, investors, partners, employees and other interested parties to maintain certain points of view on a subject. The PR can be seen as the journalist's right hand in the creation of texts, although he defends, above all, the client's point of view.

Essentially, the journalist works impartially, and relies on some theories, transmitting news information to different audiences.

All of these areas are communication, each with its own functioning and mechanics, each organization needs to be treated intelligently to be able to position itself intelligently in the market. O work in group these forces are key to creating brand awareness and dealing with competitors.


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