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Apr 30, 2018

The importance of good communication in an organization

Good communication

Good communication is an essential tool for achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships.

Poor communication in the workplace will inevitably lead to a demotivated team. It can, therefore, begin to question its own confidence, its capabilities and, inevitably, the organization. It is necessary that employees are in accordance with the company's proposal, ensuring the effectiveness and quality of services.

In order to promote the level of satisfaction in the work environment, it is necessary to build a communication channel. In addition to this, it is important to promote a follow-up on what happens before, during and after contact with the customer.

Internal Communication, or Internal Marketing, seeks exactly to promote clear and open communication channels at all levels and segments of the organization. It aims to promote a correct understanding of the objectives. These channels are useful for obtaining a greater commitment to employees. All of this helps in achieving the proposed objectives and in the continuous search for improvements. However, this attitude is essential because consumers adapt to the service's performance levels.

Communication is essential for the organization to survive and have a good relationship with the public. But it happens through the interaction process that the company develops. When working daily with communication, the integration between collaborators increases, helping in the success of the projects and understanding of the information.

For communication to have the expected effect, it needs to be clear. Communicating is not just passing on information to someone, but being able to speak and be understood. In everyday life, it is common for information exchange to generate non-communication, due to lack of clarity and correct interpretations.



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