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May 2

The three fundamental platforms for brand positioning

The three fundamental platforms for brand positioning

The three fundamental platforms for brand positioning

Unlike most media (such as television, radio, print media ...), digital marketing provides a less expensive, more immediate and even direct opportunity to promote business in a global community.

Social networks are the perfect example of a tool that allows the entrepreneur to communicate quickly and simply.

Examples of the most used social networks in Portugal are Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. One should always consider the target, product and objectives.

Given this last aspect, some of the reasons for considering a presence on social networks are:

- Ccommunicate with new customers or partners. Social networks already integrate simple advertising tools and with very varied targeting criteria. O Google AdWords defines the layout of your ads by search "tags" compared to social networks. However, an interesting difference is that these surveys allow segmentation by profession, hobbies, education level, marital status, etc. A consumer who practices ski but you rarely search for the topic, you hardly see your AdWords ad. However, the practitioner is easily segmented by Facebook.

- Aevaluate strategies. Social networks can serve as a first approach to the market, assessing consumer interest in your sector, product, campaign, etc. In fact, and even if you choose not to go ahead with a presence on these platforms, neglecting your customers 'comments or your competitors' strategies is a serious negligence.

Startups are generally conditioned by limited resources. Without a stable and relevant customer base and in a competitive context, the need to reach the consumer quickly and express the added value of a new product or service becomes decisive.

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