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Jun 6, 2018

FOOTBALLISM guarantees the democratic access of technology to the world of football

FOOTBALLISM guarantees the democratic access of technology to the world of football

The FootballISM platform presents itself with a new subscription model, which is more flexible and which allows any football club, regardless of its size and resources, to enhance the management of its processes. The solution is presented as the most complete technological platform for the management of clubs, football academies and the analysis of the athletes' path. An international partnership has been established with the Global Sports Innovation Center.


Lisbon, June 06, 2018 - The platform FootballISM, developed by agap2IT, makes it possible to rethink sports management strategies, promote best practices and a more efficient work environment, through the implementation of an original technological solution. The commercialization of this platform now comes with a new subscription model (SaaS), more flexible, developed in order to democratize the access of technology to all professional and training football, with this taking a solidarity approach with all clubs regardless of their budget or dimension. The tool that streamlines all the processes of a football club and academy and allows decision making that has an impact on financial and sporting gains is available to everyone.

The FootballISM platform is now available in a monthly fee e on cloud, with three possible models depending on the plan and features chosen. The plan one shot fee remains available, guaranteeing the possibility of being installed on the client's servers or on the cloud. The new acquisition configuration presents different values, adaptable to the budget and needs of each club. The smaller its size, the lower the monthly cost. In this way, it is ensured that all institutions have access to this innovative management technology. This model was prepared with the collaboration of Liga Portugal with which a partnership was established, the details of which will be announced at the start of the next sports season.

Evidence of the platform's scope, FootballISM is at the center of the international partnership signed with the Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC), based in Madrid, which aims to develop the value chain in Sports, boosting innovation through Microsoft technology and facilitating operational links between entrepreneurs and startups, sports organizations, educational institutions and companies. FootballISM is now among the range of solutions made available by the GSIC to clubs in diverse sporting contexts.

FOOTBALLISM guarantees democratic accessFor Filipe Esteves, General Director of agap2IT and responsible for FootballISM: “The purpose underlying the implementation of FootballISM is to reinvent the way of managing football. For the first time, we have access to complete information on a single platform, customizable, which allows the integration of all departments in a club. We believe that this reality of increased efficiency made possible by FootballISM should be available to most sports entities, regardless of the resources at their disposal. This new marketing format responds precisely to that goal of giving any club the opportunity to reach a new level in the way it manages the well-being and progression of its athletes and the different processes that contribute to its success".

Among other news integrated into the platform is an app for the player. This allows the athlete to have on his mobile device access to all the information that concerns him, between information on profitability in the context of games and training, medical rehabilitation and nutritional plans, among other features. Another novelty is the "Player Lab" that allows you to cross information from several sources such as: nutrition, training evaluation, GPS w, psychological and social assessment, subjective perception of effort, among others. This added value guarantees the club a 360º view of the performance and well-being of its athlete.

The FootballISM interface has also been improved, allowing a degree of customization to the profiles added and the configuration of dashboards, menus and features at the user's discretion.

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