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Jun 14, 2018

An app is no longer enough

An app is no longer enough

Today, there is no dimension in the business context that escapes the need for transformation. Faced with an environment of permanent change and migration to Digital, stagnation seems to be the most serious “sin” pointed out to an organization. Hardly an organization that is not aware of change and is not familiar with new processes and platforms can resist and be successful; those who do not risk becoming obsolete and quickly being overtaken. But does my website come to be “XPTO”, be on Instagram and talk to my audience through Twitter or have an app to promote my service?

When it comes to responding to the challenges presented by a context of “digital transformation”, organizations often forget a fundamental factor: the need to manage the transformation of their own business culture. As shown in the third edition of the study developed by MIT Sloan and Deloitte on leadership and success in a digital context, organizations can put their focus on adopting new technologies without investing in the skills necessary to ensure their profitability and impact. Failure is, in these cases, associated with non-fulfillment of expectations because organizations have not also changed mentalities and established a culture to enhance this change.

One of the most common perceptions is that there is an app for everything. If in many cases there is an application to solve a specific problem, the question goes deeper. Technology makes it easier to execute certain elements of a strategy, but, despite being a central component to digital transformation goals, it is not the only one. Using technology platforms alone is not the answer. Without a change in the way professionals work and behave and without a vision and culture that supports and promotes “Digital”, technology is not enough.

In its connection to Communication, the digital transformation has the potential to reduce spending on resources, streamline opportunities for interaction with the public and make customer retention more effective. The digital transformation is changing the business through the use of content in a digital environment, new actions to promote the offer made available, the development of talent and the relationship established with the market.

In practice, however, this trend does not appear to be simple. It requires an intensive effort that requires the commitment of everyone involved in this process - from senior leadership in an organization, to those responsible for data analysis and HR - and presents specific challenges for each one. For those responsible for Communication, the digital transformation brings with it a reorientation of the nature of this process, a more demanding and informed public and the need to have more dynamic and trained professionals to make effective use of the opportunities that present themselves today at the moment of reaching us. our recipient.


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