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Jun 21, 2018

“Ignore” trends

“Ignore” trends

"Ignore" the trends

The figure of the customer is now central to the business. We look negatively at an organization that does not claim to make the customer the center of its business vision, the way it thinks and how it develops it.

But we really understand what the concept of customer experience (CX)? This is just an interesting buzzword and a good sound bite for a commercial presentation or does it really shape the experience of the organization and the relationship it establishes with its audience?

An organization that does not integrate basic CX concepts in its strategy means that any focus on trends and news in this context only serves to steal attention to structured opportunities to enhance the relationship of the brand with its audience. This does not mean that you should stop being enthusiastic about possibilities closed in emerging technologies and tools, but without losing the notion that creating a relationship with your customers and meeting their expectations is a long-term effort.

The real trends in CX will be as relevant a year from now as they are today: understanding your customers, understanding their needs and perceptions, identifying challenges, defining opportunities to improve their satisfaction and acting accordingly. This is a proposal that is easier to outline than to implement, as systems already in operation, the structure in an organization and short-term goals pose additional obstacles to their realization.

That is why the best bet on CX in 2018 is not exactly a trend, platform or tool, but rather to bet on effectively implementing improved processes that increase customer focus.

No trend can be useful to an organization that doesn’t know the basics to ensure success in its CX strategy. No level of personalization of artificial intelligence can correct a website that does not present the relevant information to its recipients, none chatbot it will improve customer feedback if your product or service is not relevant and no augmented reality apps will improve the relationship with an audience that has lost confidence in the brand to deliver the offer you are committed to.

You don't need to assert yourself as a early adopting to improve the relationship with your customers. The trends help to identify possible directions and solutions, but nothing substitutes the implementation of a well thought out and structured plan, supported by data and metrics, conducted by insights and that puts the customer at the center of their decisions, actions and positioning.


Marta Goncalves

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