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Jun 28, 2018

Is all influence good influence?

Is all influence good influence?

Is all influence good influence

A successful influence strategy means being able to make association with a certain personality the motto to shape the public's thoughts, behaviors and actions, familiarizing them with the brand, driving the purchase decision and enhancing a long-term connection.

This is an increasingly desirable strategy in a world of social media platforms, experience sharing and recommendation seeking. When a brand takes advantage of an influencer's channels to connect authentically with its audience, the possible impact can be much more effective than other marketing efforts. Because? For two main reasons: influencers operate with the universal currency of trust and trust is converted into conversion.

The danger in implementing this type of strategy is to associate a brand with influencers who have nothing to do with it and its area of ​​activity or fail to profit from the initial visibility achieved. on one study developed by the platform of marketeers and e-commerce professionals econsultancy and the Fashion and BeautyMonitor, 73% of respondents pointed out the difficulty in identifying the main influencers as the biggest challenge in a strategy of this type.

A digital strategy based on the role of influencers can help to create a narrative that goes much further, introducing a sentimental and close character and a recommendation dynamic. Content designed for the right influencer takes on extraordinary power. The problem is when the content, the influencer, the idea ... basically everything goes hand in hand.

In the face of a complex and time-consuming process, the challenge focuses on identifying the right people to speak to our most relevant audience niche. As these influencers are also more demanding with these types of proposals and in the selection of the brands they want to associate with, the future of communication is to be able to identify the most effective partnerships and know how to set up a strategy that does not “go hand in hand” ”.


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