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Set 5, 2018

Mazars Portugal reinforces communication

Mazars Portugal will reinforce its communication strategy with the Public Relations Program “Key of Reputation”, which integrates a sustained positioning through complementary axes of media relations, the active presence on digital platforms and the development of employer branding, B2B and stakeholders. The planned strategy aims to consolidate the recognition of the Mazars brand in Portugal, boost its growth and promote original visibility opportunities.



Lisbon, September 05, 2018 - Mazars is preparing to implement “Key of Reputation”, the public relations program developed in partnership with Say U Consulting, a consultant chosen to follow the challenges of communication marketing. The strategy aims to bring the organization closer to its stakeholders, in a logic of broad communication and support of business growth objectives in the national market. The strategy is also aligned with a continued investment in the technological innovation of the developed processes and with the search for talent, through recruitment programs for the different business lines offered by Mazars.

The “Key of Reputation” presents itself as an integrated communication strategy through the use of complementary axes of employer branding, media relations, RP2.0 and public affairs, starting from the original factors of the reality of Mazars at global and local level in order to ensure goals of differentiation and consolidation of the brand recognition with stakeholders.

Luís Gaspar, Managing Partner of Mazars in Portugal, says that, for 2019, “The growth targets are 11%, in a context of economic growth in the national market”. Mazars Portugal “Has been placing a strong commitment to strengthening the team in recent months, from around 120 employees in August 2017 to close to 150 at the end of that year. This evolution is a reflection of Mazars' growth in Portugal, in line with what has been the group's international dynamics. A bet that must, necessarily, be accompanied by an effort of communication and extended contact and a reinforced positioning ”.

To achieve the proposed results, the international group has resorted to investing in know-how technological and digital, with the reinforcement of specialization, automation and the acquisition of ZettaFox, solutions company prescriptive analytics. O target it is now in medium / large SMEs, local business groups with an international presence and multinationals, never neglecting the basis of the Portuguese business fabric, which are small / medium sized SMEs.

O partnership Mazars integrated and international business has continued to grow, allowing it to establish itself as a leading organization worldwide. It expanded to Colombia and Uganda in January and, by 2020, seeks to move to human resources management for a consulting firm, increasing its turnover from 1,5 billion to over 2 billion, with a focus on in value-added offers and the continuous search for talent.


About Mazars:

MAZARS is an integrated and independent organization, specialized in Auditing and Auditing, Accounting, Consulting and Advisory Services, Tax Advisory and Legal Services. It is present in 86 countries, directly, and has correspondents in over 16 markets. It integrates more than 20 thousand people led by 980 partners in more than 300 offices worldwide. It accompanies clients of all sizes, from multinationals, large companies, SMEs and private investors, in all phases of its development. In Portugal, MAZARS integrates 150 people and has offices in Lisbon, Porto and Leiria.

Additional information at: https://www.mazars.pt/


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