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Set 6, 2018

Axesor reinforces leadership in Portugal

Axesor invited Paulo Costa to lead the organization in Portugal. The new General Director starts to guide the company's commercial strategy, which is dedicated to the implementation of technological solutions for the management of corporate credit risk, in the national market.


Lisbon, September 6, 2018 - Paulo Costa is the new General Manager of axesor for Portugal. The time for the company, which started operating in the national market in 2017, is to consolidate international expansion, position itself as a reference consultant for credit risk management, and to implement the “Go-to-Market” plan with the resources needed to be successful.

The new head of the organization is presented with goals aligned with a strategy designed to bring the rigor and best practices of the financial sector to the business market, supported by the axesor® 360 platform that adopts an artificial intelligence methodology, in the component of machine learning, and that allows the integral management of the process order-to-cash in companies.

At the moment when he assumes the leadership of axesor in Portugal, Paulo Costa mentions three challenges to overcome, “The first is related to the current scenario of our business economy, in which most companies are following the growth of the market, financial entities have returned to finance companies and, therefore, in theory, it may lead to the supposition that there is less risk in managing credit to their customers. The second is due to the fact that our solution is innovative and has a high level of sophistication, based on a predictive model, and that breaks with the static and outdated model supported by traditional public commercial information reports. Finally, the inherences related to long decision cycles in the market segment of large companies ”.

The challenge launched by axesor is particularly interesting for the new Director General, given “The technologically innovative solutions and the attractive features of the project in the medium term, which is being developed”, Additionally, the time is “Launching the company in a new market, associated with relevant and efficient value proposals”.

Axesor's mission is to support Portuguese companies in order to increase their sales, with great control over credit risk, in the most efficient way and in accordance with a credit policy and a risk model designed specifically for their activity, translating into a positive impact on your profit and loss account. In this sense, axesor's offer includes specialized consultancy services for risk modeling, including the definition of predictive risk and payment behavior indicators.

The bet on the national market is part of a global investment internationalization plan, of more than 20 million euros, having also started operations in Ireland and South American countries (Chile, Colombia and Peru).


About Paulo Costa:

Graduated in Marketing and Sales Management at ISCTE, Paulo Costa has been leading the business areas, in the Sales and Marketing components, in several companies. For the past seven years, he has directed the business areas of large and medium-sized companies, in two ERP manufacturers, assuming direct responsibility for the business, pre-sales, service provision and customer support.


About axesor:

Founded in Spain in 1996, axesor provides systems for the integral management of credit risk to more than 2.000 customers, and helps to manage credit risk in more than 18.000 customers, adding value to organizations of different sizes and from the most varied sectors. of activity. It has been registered since 2012 as a Credit Rating Agency, under European regulations supervised by European Securities and Markets Authority (YOU ARE BAD). It currently has about 300 employees, a specialist team made up of highly qualified professionals in the financial, statistical and analytical areas, prepared to provide specialized consultancy services and the implementation of a customizable and highly innovative technological solution.

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