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Set 25, 2018

Reputation to boost business

Reputational Marketing and Advertising

Reputational Marketing and Advertising

For decades, organizations have used marketing around brands to promote your business. Through this method, organizations promote their logos, images and products with a mindset of trying to promote everything. Advertising - whether in press, television, radio or in a digital context, is the vehicle for marketing around the brand. The ads are focused on transmitting to the consumer the quality of the organization and why they should acquire your product / service. Although recognized companies like Nike or Apple may resort to this type of marketing, this may not be the best option for smaller brands.

Currently, consumers are more easily persuaded by the opinion of their peers than by advertising, which is why they resort to criticism and ratings before making decisions and buying. This means that consumers have an opportunity to analyze the reputation of a product or service - not that of the brand.

Reputational marketing responds to this trend in consumer habits. It is focused on creating a relationship with consumers and providing products based on their wants and needs. In addition, the investment and the risk of developing a reputational marketing plan is low when compared to the expenses related to the development of an advertising campaign.

Reputational marketing requires you to take a step beyond simply advertising the brand and its offer, it requires it to be able to demonstrate its value to the consumer and take actions based on your feedback. This strategy requires that information is continually collected and processes and products / services are changed based on the customer's response. In turn, consumers will recommend and promote your offer through their contact network.

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