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Oct 29, 2018

Social Media: the new Public Relations channels

Social Media: the new Public Relations channels

Social Media:

press releases, emails e follow up? When we talk about communication, there are ingredients that can never be lacking. However, like everything else, the area is evolving and adapting to the technological environment. Contrary to what one might think, it is not obsolete and its importance only tends to increase.

If traditional logic used to send Press Releases and to follow their follow-up, establishing contact with the media, what the future shows us is that the communication strategy needs to adapt and incorporate new channels of information. So, what next?

In order to adapt to digital, public relations are relying on new channels that mainly include social media. despite the Facebook, Twitter e LinkedIn assume themselves as the big platforms used by companies to access and share information, the Instagram, Google+, YouTube and additional means like the ing.It, Topsy, Banjo, Tango and the Vimeo they are also gaining their prominence proportion. Social media are having a notable impact on companies and several studies show that they have even become their main communication channel, which is not surprising.

Social media is giving more power to public relations, is right. They are opening up new possibilities and facilitating their progress. It is through them that we can publish more content and reach different audiences more quickly. They allow a more personal and direct contact, which ends up facilitating the transmission of information and the achievement of results.

However, we must not forget that these new digital platforms are just a complement to public relations activity and not their main channel or a substitute for traditional tools. As we recalled at the beginning, communication is not obsolete; he is just trying to find his space in the face of technological challenges and incorporating a new digital dimension.

In short, social media is a complement and not a substitute, just as TV did not replace radio and radio did not destroy newspapers. It is all about adaptation. Social media has given new life to PRs and they just need to know how to deal with this advantage - just like all of us, right?


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