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Oct 31, 2018

Appeal to consumers in digital action

Appeal to consumers in digital action

appeal to consumer action in the digital

If we look around us, we are constantly surrounded by signs, messages, images, stimuli that we often do not even notice. At all times, we are faced with a set of actions to which we respond almost unconsciously. Rules, norms, procedures, the truth is that we are more and more obedient and behaved in the face of a physical and digital situation that permanently yearns for our attention. From websites to popup ads and social networks, brands also call for our action and lead us to follow a set of steps that define our digital behavior. This call is called call-to-action and it's already starting to be a marketing strategy for many companies.

As ftools call-to-action, widely used in digital marketing, consist of appealing to consumers' action, causing them to click on certain left-wing, starting a pre-routefand strategically oriented by a brand. They lead the audience of a page, for example, to subscribe to a newsletter, to download some material, to obtain more information about a service or even to contact the company.

How can brands attract attention in the right way? How do you tell consumers that they are, at that very moment, wishing for your attention? It all has to do with a set of interesting “details” that, if strategically thought out, can capture the consumer's eye - and, perhaps, take him to action. When we talk about details, we are clearly talking about three key aspects like the text, position and composition.

Regarding the text, it must be short, attractive, interesting and even charming. For this, brands must go straight to the point and present the benefits of a service or product, in simple language and with words that indicate urgency, such as "today" and "now". As for the position, we are talking about the different channels where the content can be shared. If it makes sense for the brand, the content can be advertised on cross channels, this is, on blogs, social networks or websites. The key is to be consistent in what is shared. The composition concerns the visual aspect of the text, its design: if you have colors, if you have the most suitable size or if you are accompanied by images or other symbols, such as hashtags, for example. The way it is presented matters as much as the message it brings.

In short, the call-to-action acts as a bridge between the public and the objectives offby the company, which must be aligned with a value proposition. If this does not bring value to the consumer, both the "call" and the subsequent "action" die along the way and it is therefore essential to appeal to consumers' action on the digital.


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