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Oct 31, 2018

How to captivate the audience

How to captivate the audience

How to captivate the audience

In a world where attention presents itself as a scarce resource, we face daily battles to try to stand out and captivate our audience. Every day, reporters and editors alike are assaulted by dozens of emails that fill and block your mailbox. In view of the quantity, we must have a constant focus on defining messages with impactful themes; only then does it appear possible to develop an effective contact strategy.

Of the numerous contacts that journalists receive, there are few that are not ignored and go directly to the trash. To be succinct (and because the checklists they also help us to focus on what really matters), public relations professionals must govern their activity based on differentiation. Here is a set of tips to simplify this process.

Offer unique and innovative content

Approaching journalists with new angles to work on a theme (which may have already been discussed dozens of times) is always valued. The way we look at the issues and the approaches we give them makes all the difference for those who analyze the information. Be a journalist or, second-hand, the final recipient of the message. Unique content, captive journalists.

Disseminate fresh news on relevant topics

Journalists deal with the news. More: they deal with the instantaneousness. So they want to receive news that creates buzz for your environment and that captivates the interest of readers, viewers and listeners. Tell a new story where the insights of clients not only favors the companies themselves, but also motivates journalists to explore an aspect of the topic that had never been explored before. Thus, journalists highlight the topic, it is debated and the clients gain recognition, at the same time that they divulge their expertise.

Reinforce contact

Simplifying this point, here we are under the domain of follow up. To do follow up it never hurts and is a way to ensure that journalists receive the information in the right way. As it is not just the letters that go astray, many emails end up not reaching the journalists' boxes and information is lost. To do follow up it may seem like a minor task, but it is also responsible for part of the effectiveness of a media contact campaign.


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