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Oct 31, 2018

Social Paid: communicate through paid content

Social Paid: communicate through paid content

Social Paid: communicate through paid content

Thousands of articles are published all the time, in different formats and for different purposes. Whether on social networks, blogs or other audiovisual platforms, information on the Internet is always in motion and circulating everywhere. However, when we ask ourselves about what is interesting and valuable, we are no longer in the field of large numbers. Although there are thousands of contents, few of them retain our attention. But can paying to highlight content bring good results?

Social Paid content or paid content is a strategy that is growing significantlyfand to be integrated into the marketing plans of several brands. Upon payment of a stipulated amount, these contents end up being sponsored or advertised in the chronology of users or on corporate pages of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, among others. In other words, for a fee, the content gains immediate prominence. It is literally the price to pay to achieve visibility.

In addition to this highlight, the paid social content brings with it a fdemographic toolfica and allows thefina exactly the audience you want to communicate to, directing a personalized message and more andfefficient. It is ftool allows you to segment the various audiences according to gender, region, age, interests and thus helps guide the path of the message to be conveyed.

As the money invested always seeks a return, more than this segmentation, the paid social content bring with you other benefices significative: generates brand awareness, leads to a call to action and allows the cross channel, and can be incorporated in more than one channel, either mobile devices, video or marketing offline. Now, it's up to companies to assess whether this is a good investment and whether it can really be included in their marketing budget. In the long run, what is expected is that this cost will be converted into value.


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