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November 15, 2018

Portugal Now debates the circular economy

Portugal Now debates the circular economy

Portugal Now debates the circular economy

The Portugal Agora platform debates the circular economy with the aim of diagnosing and presenting concrete strategies and proposals to promote innovative models that encourage sustainable consumption, the reuse of circular productive resources and processes and greater symbiosis with the environment.


Lisbon, November 15, 2018 - A Portugal Now platform, in partnership with Amb3E, organizes the Conference “Circular Economy to speed up Portugal”. The initiative, which takes place on November 22 at the Hotel Vila Galé Ópera in Lisbon, aims to present innovative models to encourage sustainable consumption, the reuse of resources and circular production processes with greater symbiosis with the environment.

The circular economy is based on an integrated process of reuse, restoration and renovation and is seen as a key element to promote the decoupling between economic growth and increased consumption of resources. It promotes a dynamic development model that requires technical and economic compatibility (capacity and productive activity) but that also requires a social and institutional framework (incentives and values).

"At a time when many clusters of the national economy are reinventing themselves, leveraged by technology and digital transformation, we intend to embrace the open challenges and opportunities created with a discussion, action and execution that allow the country's development", says Carlos Sezões, Portugal Agora Coordinator.

The official adds that “Innovative economic models based on the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of materials and energy, such as the circular economy concept, are strategic for Portugal's economic acceleration while improving the environment and long-term sustainability ".

According to the Platform Coordinator, who assumes a strategic dimension project, “Define what, how, when and who can do it and what impact can we expect from the adoption of circular economy models in this conference is an opportunity to get to know and learn about an increasingly current and decisive theme ”.

The circular economy emerges from the history of measures to encourage the change of economic paradigm, seeking to preserve the usefulness and value of resources for as long as possible, safeguarding the ecosystems and financial capital of companies and civil society.

The engine of this transition is based on the encouragement and development of business models, collaboration strategies and products and services based on the efficient use of resources. The possible benefits are manifold, but the main one is to improve the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy, generating initiatives with strong export potential and local impact.

The presentation of strategies and proposals for a broad action - ranging from the redesign of processes and products to the optimization of the use of resources maximizing their reuse, increasing efficiency and developing new business models, is in charge of the Director General of Amb3E , Pedro Nazareth. Participating in the debate panel is the Researcher and Specialist in Green Economy, Fernando Teigão dos Santos, the Founder and President of ReFood, Hunter Halder, the Advisor to the Minister of the Environment and the Energy Transition to the Circular Economy, Inês Costa, and the Director of Communication from Lidl, Vanessa Romeu.

Participation in the conference, like all events on the Portugal Agora platform, is free of charge upon prior registration through the address info@portugalagora.com.



17: 30h - Opening Session: Carlos Sezões (Coordinator - Portugal Agora);

17: 40h - Presentation Pedro Nazareth (General Director - Amb3E)

18: 00h - Dashboard Fernando Teigão dos Santos (Researcher / Specialist in Green Economy), Hunter Halder (Founder and President - ReFood); Inês Costa (Advisor to the Minister for the Environment and the Energy Transition to the Circular Economy), Vanessa Romeu (Director of Communication - Lidl)

19: 00h - Debate

19: 30h - Closing ceremony


 About Portugal Now:

The “Portugal Agora” project aims to create a vision, unfolded in strategic models for the country, for the coming decades. This will be achieved through a plural space of discussion, during a defined period, in order to determine where convergences are possible, which materialize in priorities, in which Portugal can develop. The project assumes strategic dimensions - Attractiveness, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship - for Portugal and wants to link them to execution and action. Additional Information: http://www.portugalagora.com/

About Amb3E:

Amb3E - Portuguese Waste Management Association, managing entity of Rede Electrão, is responsible for the collection and referral for treatment and recovery of more than 400 thousand tons of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and waste from batteries and accumulators (RPA) ), generated in Portugal. In 2018 it became the one-stop-shop of environmental complicity in Portugal, with the management of packaging waste. Additional Information: http://www.amb3e.pt/

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