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November 27, 2018

The ongoing challenge of sustainability

The ongoing challenge of sustainability

The ongoing challenge of sustainability

In an era when relationships and mobilization are just a click away, companies need to reinvent the way they interact with their stakeholders, with the need to innovate and dialogue so that people are part of decisions that will impact the way they live .

Companies have a fundamental and strategic role in this relationship. They are the ones who have the freedom and capacity to invest in programs and projects that help them to live better in a world and in a country with constant and numerous transformations, generating more value for their brands with decisions to value the territory, belonging and promoting better quality of life. at the same time that they encourage their customers and partners and live more sustainably and as actors in global events and not just as spectators.

Companies that succeed in taking this step will have a market as available as it is revalued. But this often implies a movement of change from the inside out, top down, in the companies. A difficult movement, since the rooted culture and philosophy are out of step with the logic of sustainable growth and that forces managers and decision-makers to give priority to sustainability as an integral part of their business.

A sustainability process it is increasingly demanded by customers, partners and the market. And communicating sustainability and social responsibility initiatives in a transparent manner is a current and mandatory challenge on the companies' agenda. It is up to each organization to find a way to build this dialogue, creating a language capable of reflecting the brand's commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

It is here that marketing and communication have a decisive role, since they provide competitive advantages to organizations that foster those practices, improving their positioning, image and reputation.

Communication marketing agencies must adopt and inspire their clients to communicate their sustainable actions effectively and truthfully, while promoting the adoption of sustainable practices, ranging from conscious and responsible consumption to a culture of respect, tolerance, inclusion and diversity with respect for the environment and universal human rights.

A communication and marketing play an important role in the formation of ethical, responsible and solidary human and social values, inspiring society to build a sustainable future. Issues such as veracity, accuracy, clarity, sources, relevance and pertinence of the information transmitted on socioenvironmental responsibility and sustainability are decisive and require increased attention in communication.

It is this communication strategy that will be able to strengthen the business, propose concrete and accessible solutions, call for participation and action. Make the difference.

The ongoing challenge of sustainability is a long way. What is missing is time. Do we start right away?


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