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November 27, 2018

Three dimensions to communicate sustainability

Three dimensions to communicate sustainability

Three dimensions to communicate sustainability

With regard to sustainability and social responsability, the work of communication and marketing departments or communication marketing agencies involves investing in the strategic communication of these concepts. Its publication and dissemination must take into account the different audiences of the companies, highlighting clear objectives and using the appropriate channels so that it is fully transparent.

Three dimensions to communicate sustainability: Information, Change and Process. Communication of sustainability, for change and through a process that seeks to be as sustainable as possible by balancing the economic, social and environmental pillars in all its actions.

Information is the communication dimension of sustainability, given the growing demand from society for the company's involvement in solving social problems around it. What has the company done in this area? And you, as a professional? The communication of sustainability must be made in the gerund in order to emphasize that it is a continuous process and to communicate what, in fact, is being accomplished.

In communicating for sustainability, correctly informing sustainable actions, attitudes and attitudes, companies can be agents of change given their capacity, depending on their size, sector and consequent power of influence, to drive individual transformations. Here the company has to take the focus off itself and encourage others stakeholders to help build a more sustainable reality as a whole. It is necessary to dialogue, adopt means and messages, time and rhythm for each one.

The process of communicating issues related to sustainability and bringing about changes by disseminating good practices and education on the topic can be profitable and socially fair. It would not be possible to work on communication for and for sustainability with, for example, a process that would generate waste or feed some kind of prejudice. Communication has to set an example for other colleagues, partners and customers. The communication process, within the scope of sustainable development, is an asset for the company, since it increases internal motivation and arouses external attention. And nobody can comment that the rules of communication are “Do what I say, but don't do what I do”!


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