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December 26, 2018

Farfetch: A success story

Farfetch: A success story

Farfetch: a success story

In 2008, the Farfetch by José Neves, with the objective of becoming a platform for E-commerce of luxury brands. Currently, it is one of the biggest successes in the “world of startups”.

It has been valued at 1,3 billion euros in recent years and adds more than 100 luxury items in a single online portal, ranging from independent boutiques to renowned brands.

It has become, as many say, "a revolutionary way to buy fashion", complex and sophisticated, and has evolved in terms of technology, providing the customer with a comfortable and reliable service.

The focus on the improvement and differentiation of services has been the main concern of the organization, not only in terms of big data, but also in the field of inherent technologies, such as machine learning and big learning, thus managing to create a unique experience. for the consumer.

The platform not only followed trends in the digital world and consumer behavior, but also allowed fashion companies to grow and position themselves in international territory.

With many goals yet to be achieved, Farfetch intends to continue to give letters at national and international level, and its biggest challenge is to overcome Net-a-Porter in the coming years.


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