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December 26, 2018

Companies that communicate differently

Companies that communicate differently

Companies that communicate differently

We live in an era of change and, as such, more and more organizations need to adapt to the needs of today's consumer in order to survive.

Today, we approach two companies that communicate differently. Do you want to meet them?



The well-known brand of “fruit flavored sweets” has been increasingly betting on the marketing area. Social networks are widely used in the innovation of communication policy and also in the ability of employees to create a network strategy in line with the company's objectives.

These are some basic examples that, at the moment, all, or almost all, the brands are adopting. What, then, differs between the brand of sweets and the rest?

Trusting in its popularity, the company decided to give control of its website to its consumers. As?

The homepage became a large interactive menu that redirected users to social networks and collaborative content sites.

For example, the “Media” link took the user to Facebook, but the “Chatter” already redirected him to the Twitter page.

The consumer was therefore free to choose where to sail and what experience he wanted to have.

The brand was a pioneer in this strategy, which resulted in a huge buzz in the network and encouraged consumers to intensely publicize the brand. With this initiative, the brand was able to collect feedback and adapt the strategy to its audience.


Ford is another example of innovative communication with its consumers.

In 2013, the company was also a pioneer in a new technique that today most companies in the automotive industry use.

But what technique is this? The company uses events open to the public to launch and promote new car models.

“We have reinvented the way we talk to the consumer. We realized that people want to interact with the brands they consume daily and not just receive information in a passive way ”, explains Ford vice president of South America, Rogelio Golfarb.

What is the similarity between these two cases? It is that both Skittles and Ford bet on an open dialogue with their consumers and, in this way, develop in the customer a feeling of belonging to the brand.


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