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December 26, 2018

4PRGEEKS | Differences in B2B and B2C marketing

For a long time, Marketing directed to the final consumer prevailed, not only in the reading of businesses, but also in the learning of the concept of marketing.


As the power of the Internet has been implemented globally and with the consequent appearance of Social Networks, it has become necessary to pay more attention to Marketing as a way to correctly communicate the brand. It was then that the conclusion was reached that communicating to the end consumer and communicating to another company was not the same and required other types of techniques.


Why B2B? This Marketing is not only intended for industry, but for all companies and institutions that need to communicate with each other. B2C aims to capture the attention of customers while B2B aims to explain why the product is better than the competition. Therefore, it is essential to create credibility in the target market.


There are several differences between the strategy of both. For example, the Marketing strategy is linked to the company's own strategy, however in B2B the marketing strategy is often confused with the company's corporate strategy. This is because, as we saw earlier, many of the company's functional areas are involved in this same process. As there are large unitary volumes of business, any new opportunities must involve all the functional areas of the company and all of this will be directed towards this objective, becoming the purpose of the organization.


More rational decisions

While in B2C you play with emotion, in B2B the watchword is the reason! The decision-making process requires the opinion of many professionals and will take more time. So it will be more rational / analytical!


Different targeting

In consumer products, demographic methods are the most used to segment the business. In B2B, other factors are used, such as sector activity codes, product applications, price sensitivity, location, importance of the product to the customer, among others.


Personal contact with the customer is the most important

Personal contact is of the utmost importance for the B2B Marketing Manager. While in consumer products the bet on resources goes to information (advertising), in B2B businesses it is bet on the relationship and the transmission of knowledge!



The B2B sector deals strongly with technology, whether they are industrial products or services. Technology is the basis for innovation in customer service. Through new technologies, B2B sales professionals make presentations and interact with their customers, wherever they are, using their tablets and computers, which allow them to access information placed in the "cloud" and provide the key answer in real time to the potential customer.


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