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January 31, 2017

How to cultivate a relationship with the media

Relationship with the Media - How to grow one?

relationship with the media

One of the main concerns of any communication professional should be to create an excellent relationship with the media. Regardless of the area or organization in question, journalists are one of the main partners as far as public relations work is concerned.

The truth is that journalists have less and less time and, consequently, it is increasingly difficult to establish that same relationship. The hundreds of emails they receive in their mailboxes are a difficult obstacle to overcome, but not an impossible one.

In this sense, there are some strategies that must be put into practice.

It is important to realize that gaining the trust of a journalist is a complicated and time-consuming process. Patience is one of the characteristics necessary for success in this entire process. The rejection of a given proposal should also not be seen as a failure.

Another strategy is to promote the work of journalists. The truth is that, today, many live trapped by the dictatorship of clicks and will certainly be touched by seeing the work they develop being shared.

One last tip is to take advantage of the moments when you have the opportunity to be personally with journalists. For many emails that are sent, nothing compares to personal contact.


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