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March 29, 2019

Environmental Awareness Campaigns

Environmental Awareness Campaigns

Environmental Awareness Campaigns

As brands today they are increasingly aware of the needs of environmental concern, namely the fight against the unnecessary use of plastic, which is currently one of the main sources of pollution of the oceans or the fight against waste through the recycling of materials.

In today's article, we present two good examples of environmental awareness campaigns.

“NudeFoods” - New Zealand

Following the idea of ​​reducing the use of plastics, New Zealand launched a campaign called "Nude Foods", which intends to end the use of plastic in fresh products in supermarkets. Instead, producers and the food industry have committed to using only 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging by 2025.

This campaign generated a 300% increase in sales. Producers and consumers have realized that these foods keep their freshness longer than conventional plastic packaging.

“We take it back” - Moda Circular ”with C&A

The Dutch brand AC took a huge step in terms of Circular Economy in its division of the Iberian Peninsula, through the creation of the program "We take it back". Available in all brand stores in Portugal and Spain, consumers can deliver clothing, footwear and home textiles that they no longer use so that they can be recycled and take on a new life.

In partnership with I: Collect, a company specialized in recycling and reusing materials from the textile industry, C&A intends to revolutionize the way the industry works, thus ending with the business model based on the logic of manufacturing, using and throwing it away. The expectations of those responsible for the brand are that 60% of the articles collected will have a second life. The vast majority of the remaining 40% will be recycled and converted into new products.

Although there is no direct counterpart for the customer, this is a way for all of us to contribute to ending waste and creating a more sustainable economic model.


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